Laverton-based Lifting equipment suppliers, servicing West Melbourne

Lifting & hoisting equipment suppliers

West Crane Services has been supplying, inspecting and repairing lifting equipment in Laverton, West Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo and Echuca for many years, recently expanding our services into Dandenong.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply not only the most common lifting equipment, such as slings, lifting beams, clamps and trolleys but on being able to design a lifting device that suits what you need to lift.

Call one of our sales technicians to come out and show you how we can help you design a lifting device that helps you lift the product you want to lift. We supply:

  • Llifting slings in chain, wire and synthetics
  • All types of clamps for rails and steel plates
  • Magnetic lifters
  • Winches
  • Lifting fittings, shackles, eye bolts and rigging screws
  • Fabricated lifting devices
  • Lifting and spreader beams and many, many more lifting items.

While based in Laverton in Melbourne’s west, we have supplied lifting equipment to a huge variety of clients across Victoria and can also provide lifting equipment inspection services and crane and hoist maintenance in Bendigo, Ballarat, Dandenong and Echuca.