Third Party Overhead Crane & Hoists Inspections, Laverton & West Melbourne

Overhead Cranes and Hoists require Third Party Inspections. The intervals for these inspections vary depending on your cranes assigned duty class and usage.

Third party crane inspections

These party inspections are unbiased inspections on your overhead cranes and hoists. The inspections are designed to ensure your equipment meets the latest Australian Standards and is currently being maintained correctly.

We provide a comprehensive report for each individual crane after completing a Major Inspection. Including photos, recommendations and references to Australian Standards. Each report is reviewed by our Engineering Team.
Unsure how often Third-Party Inspections are required on your cranes. Our Engineering team will be able to advise with information you provide.

Contact West Crane Services for a crane inspection or to learn more about major inspections and the maintenance needs of your cranes and hoists. We also provide 24/ breakdown servicing of cranes.