Major inspections in Laverton, West Melbourne

Major Inspection on overhead cranes is required to be completed once the crane and/or hoist reaches is Designed Work Period (DWP). This is advised by Australian Standards (AS2550.1) to be 25 years for crane structure and 10 years for mechanical components such as hoists.

Major crane & hoist inspections

West Crane Services provides Major Inspections in-line with current Australian Standards. Which includes a comprehensive and precise overhaul and inspections of all internal and external mechanical, electrical and structural components.
All Major Inspection works are overseen by our in-house engineering team. Who will provide an extensive Major Inspection Report which will outline the full condition of the components inspected. Including

  • Renewed lifespan of crane/hoist
  • Recommend and Required Repairs
  • Repairs and Upgrades
  • Current Australian Standards compliance

Unsure if your crane as reached its DWP and require Major Inspections? Our Engineering Team can complete a Assessment for Continued Safe Use (ACSU) on your cranes and hoists and provide a report on recommendations and requirements.

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