End of life, major inspections in Laverton, West Melbourne

End of life is referred to in the Australian Standards as a “Major Inspection” and is a requirement under the Australian Standards.

Do your cranes and hoists adhere to Australian Standards? If they’re getting old, it’s critical that you get them assessed to ensure you continue to meet compliance regulations. West Crane Services provides end of life, major inspections assessments for all types of cranes and hoists in Laverton in West Melbourne and across Ballarat, Echuca and Bendigo. Our rigorous inspections will give you the peace of mind that your machinery is good for continued safe use and will conform to Australian Standards.

The Australian Standard for cranes, hoists and winches (AS2550.1-2002) advises that all cranes should be subject to a major inspection at the end of their designed life, or 25 years for the crane structure and 10 years for the mechanical components, such as hoists.

Adhering to these recommendations is a must for any business serious about the safety of its employees and the ongoing performance of its cranes and hoists. With West Crane Services you can be confident that your end of life, major inspections and Australian Standards obligations are being met.

Our experienced engineers and technicians carry out these end of life assessments for all types of cranes, hoists and winches. As well as crane inspections in Laverton and West Melbourne, we can also offer jib, gantry and overhead crane and hoist services in Echuca, Bendigo and Ballarat.

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