West Crane Services upgrade to monorail & Hoists system for Maxitrans Ballarat

We are the service agents for Overhead Gantry Cranes, Hoists, Jib Cranes, Monorails to one of the largest Truck Trailer manufactures in Australia. Maxitrans in Ballarat Victoria.

We have been servicing their existing automated Monorail & Hoists production line for many years and one of the most important aspects of this automated system is to plan for when the system needs to be upgraded for its continued safe use.

After a particular time frame the existing hoists reach what is called their design period which means we either complete a Major inspection on each of the hoists to continue their life on the line or we look to introduce the newer technology and create an extended life of the hoists and the production line.

One of the biggest requests from our customer regarding this was to upgrade the safety of the hoists so that they can provide a safer environment for their workers while on the production line.

West Crane Services went a step further and worked with Maxitrans not only to upgrade the safety in the Monorail & hoist system but also to introduce some smart technology into the system.

When asked what hoist to introduce to this system West Crane Services decided to introduce one of the toughest and most reliable hoists that are available on the market today. West Cranes have introduced a hoist called the KITO, these hoists and trolleys are manufactured in japan and are one of the leaders in hoist manufacture in the world. West Crane Services know from many years’ experiences servicing and supplying these hoists that they are a great and reliable hoist with the latest entitative safe technology. West Cranes introduced these hoists to one of the harshest environments a hoist can endure which was into Australian rock quarries. The environment in these locations is one of the worse in the industry as it is in extreme weather conditions, the amount of dust and continued abuse it gets is like no other industry and the KITO’S stand up to it and continue where other hoists fail.

These hoists have the latest Data loggers, Overload limit devices, Full limit cut off along with a overload slipping clutch mechanism to ensure hoist cannot be overloaded. They have a visual weigh display to ensure operator knows what the weight they are lifting, plus thermal protection to prevent motor from overheating. These hoists are dust & water jet proof with a rating of IP55 and the list goes on.

These hoists travel the whole production line and continually travel around to each part of the production cubicles so that the truck trailer can be built as it progresses to each part of the production line.

Once its finished at the end of the production line it then automatically travels to its home location ready to be used again at the start of the production line. It also has what is called a sick bay which was introduced for any hoist that has a safety issue or requires a service to be completed. This then allows other hoists to continue to travel throughout the line while these hoists are being serviced.

This system will provide a safer environment and will create a longer life on the hoists due to having the data loggers fitted. From servicing these hoists for many years West Crane Services can also state that the repair rate is significantly less than other hoists on the market as they are a quality hoist.