Upgrade of Echuca Monorail system and new Hoists & trolleys

West Crane Services upgrade of Monorail system and new Hoists & trolleys

Unilever is a company in Tatura Echuca. More than 2.5 billion people use Unilever products to feel good, look good and get more out of life. With more than 400 brands bought in 190 countries, they have a unique opportunity to work with consumers to make sustainable living commonplace

West Crane services currently service and maintain the overhead gantry cranes, Jib Cranes & hoists and for Unilever in Tatura in the Echuca Area and are always looking to add value so that Unilever get the most out their cranes.

Having no crane can substantially inhibit the level of production for many companies and can also stop production when a crane stops working. West Cranes sees the importance of reliably of the cranes and performing good communication with our customers to achieve the longest life possible on a crane.

Unilever had a new project with a new Monorail installed, West Crane services also needed to supply 2  new hoists and motorised trolleys to integrate into the Monorail system

These hoists will give Unilever an advantage in their production as we introduced a smoother running hoist with faster cross travel and up and down speeds

When asked what hoist to introduce to this system West Crane Services decided to introduce one of the toughest and most reliable hoists that are available on the market today. West Cranes have introduced a hoist called the KITO, these hoists and trolleys are manufactured in japan and are one of the leaders in hoist manufacture in the world. West Crane Services know from many years’ experiences servicing and supplying these hoists that they are a great and reliable hoist with the latest entitative safe technology. West Cranes introduced these hoists to one of the harshest environments a hoist can endure which was into Australian rock quarries. The environment in these locations is one of the worse in the industry as it is in extreme weather conditions, the amount of dust and continued abuse it gets is like no other industry and the KITO’S stand up to it and continue where other hoists fail.

These hoists have the latest Data loggers, Overload limit devices, Full limit cut off along with an overload slipping clutch mechanism to ensure hoist cannot be overloaded. They have a visual weigh display to ensure operator knows what the weight they are lifting, plus thermal protection to prevent motor from overheating. These hoists are dust & water jet proof with a rating of IP55 and the list goes on which are great for Unilever’s warehouse conditions which is a food manufacturing environment.

Unilever have been using the hoists for a while now and have advised the change was welcomed by all that use the hoists and has increased the production due to the different speeds and ease of use.

upgrade to crane Hoists system for Unilever Echuca