Professional Crane Design Life Review project for Downer Engineering Melbourne

Crane Design Life & Major Inspection Pic 2

The West Crane Services team recently completed a hoist major inspection and crane design life review in Melbourne on a 35-year-old 30t / 5t dual hoist crane.

After a thorough inspection of the crane’s structure by our experienced crane engineer, we were able to identify that the crane had some issues. After completing an X-ray of the crane’s welds and structure we identified the problem areas and repaired the structure within 1 day.

We also took the 2 30t / 5t  dual hoists down to complete a major inspection under Australian Standards AS2550 & AS1418. We found the hoists to be in a relatively good condition considering how old the hoists were and we were able to complete minor repairs and replacement of parts to both hoists which enabled us to give them a new life at a minimal cost to the customer.

At West Cranes we encourage clients not to wait until their cranes or hoists go past their crane design life review or their hoist major inspection. We can complete a Design Work Period (DWP) on your cranes and hoists to determine if they are actually due to be done.

The requirement is that the design life review on a crane structure needs to be completed in 25 years from manufacturers date and the hoists major inspection completed every 10 years.

It is important to remember that just because they are this age does not always mean they are due for this service. It is highly recommended that you call us before getting it done as we may be able to save you a lot of money by completing a DWP. A Design Work Period can mean you have more years of use left before you need to do your crane design life review or your hoist major inspection.

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