West Crane Services 50t /10t overhead gantry crane installation in Bendigo

Bendigo overhead gantry crane installation

Our team was thrilled to be involved in the manufacture, installation and commission of top-quality overhead gantry cranes for Bendigo Rail Works (BRW).

As part of the government’s regional rail upgrade in Bendigo, the BRW workshop is being upgraded to be able to cope with the maintenance of extra locomotives and trains.┬áPart of this upgrade was the requirement to have two 50t overhead gantry cranes with a 50t main hoist and a 10t auxiliary hoist attached to each crane.

Apart from the actual crane specification requirements there was a time requirement to have the cranes manufactured and installed by a due date.

The job went to tender to all the major crane manufacturing companies in Australia. West Crane Services, as an agent for Eilbeck Cranes, obtained the tender due to being able to supply the stringent crane specification requirements – and more importantly the timeline in which the cranes needed to be manufactured, installed and commissioned.

As West Crane Services are also one of the largest service companies in Victoria for overhead gantry cranes and vehicle hoists, we were able to satisfy the requirements for the maintenance of servicing the cranes in Bendigo.

One of the most important aspects of the requirements of the cranes was that both cranes on a fully hand-held remote system needed to be able to work in unison to enable them to lift the huge locomotives which weigh in excess of 75t. Each of the 50t and 10t ABUS state-of-the-art hoists were also a contributor to achieving the tender.

They also need to ensure the crane and hoists were fitted with fail-safe safety devices that conformed to the rigorous Australian Standards and Worksafe requirements, such as anti-collision between both cranes and special limit switches to stop the cranes where required. Over and above these requirements there was also the need to have a visual load indicator so the weight of the items being lifted is visible from the floor.

West Crane Services, in conjunction with Eilbeck Cranes, was able to have the cranes delivered to site within the time frame requested. Our team of fully qualified technicians then installed and commissioned the two cranes within five working days.

When commissioning the cranes, West Crane Services utilised the latest waterbags weights to allow an easy load test of the crane, ensuring the crane met the stringent Australian Standards requirements with deflection and engineering.

Our customer was extremely happy with the outcome and Bendigo Rail Works continues to utilise the two 50t overhead gantry cranes for lifting the trains and locomotives and the general-purpose items lifted every day.

Another new crane manufactured, installed and commissioned by West Crane Services. Please contact us for more information about this project, or to discuss your upcoming project requirements.